Find Lost Files from Computer Hard Drive


You can accidentally lose files from your computer hard drive or any other storage device. It can happen due to your mistake like deleting files from Recycle Bin without being aware of their importance. When you delete any file from your computer, you can find it inside the Recycle Bin but the files deleted from Recycle Bin also cannot be obtained back manually. However, you can access files that are deleted or lost from Recycle Bin or any other folder of your computer, with the help of suitable application like file recovery software.

Apart from accidental deletion of files, there have been other reasons where the files from your computer hard drive become inaccessible. The most possible scenarios which can make you unable to access files from your computer are virus attack, improper shutdown of your system, hard drive failure, operating system crash, re-partitioning errors, file system corruption, power surge, bad sectors, etc. Under all these situations, files stored on your computer become inaccessible. You can also lose entire data from a drive or partition if it is formatted accidentally while re-installing the operating system. Don't worry, you can get files back from formatted hard drive or a single partition, using file recovery software.

If you are using your computer for business, official work or any other important works, then definitely you will lose the significant data from it due to the above explained scenarios. Then how to find a lost file on your computer? Don’t worry; it’s very simple to recover files deleted from Recycle Bin and other folders of your computer, using file recovery software. In order to get back lost files successfully, you should stop using your system immediately when you realized that the important files are missing from your computer, as keep on using the system after loss might reduce the chances of recovering the files.

There are many storage devices which are used for daily purpose. Storing or transferring data from these storage devices is a common task that is carried out by the system users. Memory stick is the most commonly used device for storing and transferring of information from one system to other. Hence due to some reasons the information that is present in the storage device is lost. but yoy can easily get back files from memory sticks just by following few simple mouse clicks.

Why the lost files are recoverable?

When you had deleted any file permanently using Windows commands, you will lose just the path required to access these files but the files are safe until that space is used for storing fresh data. Even if your hard drive is formatted or it is corrupted, the data is still intact on the drive and you can access this data using file recovery software.

File recovery software is designed with a special scanning algorithm, which can access all lost files from your computer by scanning the entire drive. It can identify all lost files based on their unique signatures and restores them within a couple of minutes. Using this tool you can get files from corrupted external hard disk drive without any other difficulty.

Along with hard drive data recovery, this software canfind a lost file on your computer as well as from other storage devices like external hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE, etc.), flash memory cards (SD, CF, XD, MMC, Memory stick, etc.), pen drive, etc. With the help of this software, you can recover lost data from system which occurs when you configure the system restore feature in Windows 10. It can recover lost documents and media files including pictures, videos, mp3 files, etc. To recover files from removable drives, you just connect your drive to the computer where this software was installed. It can also facilitate you to save recovery session so that you can resume the file recovery process at any time. You can also perform USB drive data recovery with the help of this easy to use software.

Procedure to find a lost file on your computer:

Step1: Download trial version of this software and install it in your computer. Once you run this software by double clicking on the desktop icon, you will get the main page, from which you need to select “Recover Lost Files” option.

Files Recovery Software- Main Screen

Step2: Now you can get the next screen with a list of drives, from which select the one required to recover lost files from it and then continue with “Next” option.

Files Recovery Software- Choose Drive

Step3: Finally, you can view the list of recovered files using “Data View” or “File Type View” option. Then you can save them by activating the product.

File Recovery Software - Preview Screen


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