Get Back Data from Memory Stick

Memory sticks are small storage devices that are used for storing the various types of files that are present. These devices are more commonly used among computer professionals who use it for exchange of information. These devices are also used more frequently to backup certain important files. Due to certain errors or as result of certain scenarios the data present in the storage media may go missing due to human mistake or due to other faults. Don’t panic!!! This is not the end of road. The files are there in the same place where they were stored, only the link that representing the location of the file is removed so that new files can be saved. The most important thing to do after you encounter the file loss is to stop using the device till the recovery of information is done. If the device is used then all the data present in it will be overwritten and you will not be able to get back your files. Using the services of file recovery application you can get to know how to get back data from memory stick without the necessity of changing the original file names that were present in the storage device.

Cause of data loss from Memory Stick:

  • Abrupt Removal: Care should be taken while disconnecting the memory stick from the system because if you remove the device without proper exit option before completing the trasnsferring process then it may lead to loss of files.
  • Power Surge: Power Surge is also one among the major reasons that causes loss of files from memory stick. Sudden loss of power during the process of transferring of files from system to the device or vice versa causes the loss of files from the storage media.
  • Unintentional Format: Formatting the system or the storage device unintentionally leads to loss of the entire files that are present in the device. The partition or the logical drive that is present in system also gets formatted when the user tries to install multiple operating systems in the same computer and by mistake selecting the wrong drive and clicking on the format option clears all the files from the drive with the click of the single mouse button. In order to get files back from formatted hard drive, you can atke the help of this easy to use software.

Using the advanced features that are being installed in the file recovery application all the data and different types of files that are present in the system can be recovered easily within less time. The Find option that has been equipped within this application the user can easily find all the types of files that are retrieved from the scanning process on the basis of file name, size of the file that are present and various types of extensions that are used with the data. With the help of deep scanning algorithms that are present in the tool the user can easily scan and retrieve data from memory sticks very easily. With the help of File Type View and Data View features loaded in the application the user can list the files based on his requirement. File Type View provides the view of the recovered files based on their signatures and Data view provides view in the form of folders.

Nowadays MP3 files are popular music file format among youngster. While listening to the .mp3 files present in the system or in the cell phone user might accidentally select all and click the Shift+delete button which causes removal of all the songs from the machine by bypassing the recycle bin. In order to restore mp3 files, you can utilize this hassle free software and easily get back your songs.

USB Drives are storage devices that perform the operation similar to the memory sticks. They are helpful in backing up important information. These devices are available in various sizes and have become economical. As accidents tends to happen all the files that were saved in the devices gets deleted. Don't get anxious as this recovery tool supports to perform USB drive filerecovery without any difficulty.

Steps and Know How to Get Back Data from Memory Stick:

Step1: After installing the application launch the program and select “Recover Files” from the main screen of the tool.

How to Get Back Data from Memory Stick - Main Screen

Step2: Using the options provided by the software click on “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” options which ever scenarios that has lead to the loss of data from the particular storage device.

How to Get Back Data from Memory Stick - Select Mode Screen

Step3: View the recovered list of files in the form of “Data View” or “File Type View” options that are loaded in this application and save them prior to previewing those files which helps in confirming the required type of file that has to be restored.

How to Get Back Data from Memory Stick - Preview Screen

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