How to Recover MP3 Files?


Mp3 files are generally used in majority of the cases when it comes to audio files. If you are a music lover then definitely you would have come across such type of file. These files are also known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.They are considered as the de-facto standard for digital music files.

Mp3 players are gaining lot of importance among today’s youngsters. The old devices like cassettes and CD’s have become outdated nowadays and all have changed to store music files on these players. These mp3 players have become convenient to use since it can be carried around everywhere you want to enjoy your favorite music. However, with all its convenience, mp3 files can be lost from these devices due to accidental deletions. In such case File Recovery tool helps you out to restore mp3 files back to use. It recovers your mp3 files with its original audio clarity intact.

Mp3 data loss scenarios:

  1. You may lose MP3 files due to accidental formatting or deletion
  2. Interruption while transferring the mp3 files from one system to other may cause the loss of these files
  3. When a defragmentation process fails on your hard drive which contains your mp3 files due to interruptions caused may result in inaccessibility of mp3 files.
  4. While playing your mp3 files an improper shutdown caused due to power surge may sometimes result in loss of your file.
  5. Mp3 files can be infected by virus by various means and cause your mp3 file deletion.
  6. The memory card used in your digital cameras and phone which contains your mp3 files may get corrupted and results in mp3 files loss.

No matter in what scenario you have lost your mp3 File, Recovery tool is here to help you out in recovering your mp3 files back. This software is capable to find lost files because it has a strong scanning engine, using that it can identify and find a lost file on your computer.

File Recovery tool is the easiest data retrieval software to restore mp3 files lost or deleted in various data loss scenarios. It supports to restore files from USB drive, hard drive, memory cards and many more devices. This provides you with a convenience to find your restored files on the basis of its name, size, date etc with a help of “Find” option equipped in it.

The software is compatible to restore files on Mac OS X and Windows operating system. Other than mp3 format this software supports music files like MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4b, AIFF, RA, AMR and many more. It has an ability to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin accidentally or manually. This tool is equipped with powerful built in algorithms to identify and restore mp3 files very easily.

Steps to Recover deleted mp3 files:

Step1: Install the tool after downloading it on your system. Run the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the first window it displays.

File Recovery Software- Main Screen

Step2: Select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen. Next the tool pops up a window to select the required drive from which you lost your mp3 files. Select the drive and file type as mp3.

File Recovery Software - Select Mode Screen

Step3: The software pops a window with a list of recovered mp3 files. Select the required mp3 file and save it on any location you wish.

File Recovery Software - Preview Screen

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